Energy Asset Division


Improving Bottom Lines Through Smart Energy Investments

A Division of MidEnterprises, LLC


Brad C. North, PE, CEM

As the owner and principal of MidEnterprises LLC, we take great pride in helping clients from non-profit organizations to multinational corporations meet their goals in a variety of industry sectors. We are fortunate to collaborate with leading suppliers and installers to deliver unsurpassed results improving bottom lines through asset and operational improvements.

With over 30 years of professional experience in regulated and competitive energy markets, our team leverages combined expertise to guide customers toward lowering energy spend, enhancing resiliency and achieving sustainability targets.

We also provide a number of funding arrangements for project implementation including on and off-balance sheet transactions, leasing, third party ownership models and CPACE financing.  In addition, we partner with several leading energy retailers including Constellation through their Efficiency Made Easy program.